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Workplace Safety | #ECC2023 | Energy Continuity Conference

September 12, 2022 | Kyle Chambers | ECC Artciles

Workplace Safety

Take a few moments and think about the health and safety programs at your workplace?  Then think about the results of these programs. What are the first few words that come to mind? In an ideal world, words like: secure, protected, prepared and confident come to mind. But if you’re like so many people in the industry, words such as: unsure, nervous, and unprepared, and maybe good enough might come to mind.

When it comes to workplace safety, employee communication and participation is critical and cannot be overstated.  This goes beyond, but definitely includes, a well developed and executed occupational health and safety training program and regular tool box talks.  Engagement with the team, understanding their perception of events and policies is more valuable than best safety assessment. 

Workplace safety has business continuity & disaster recovery ramifications, not to mention the impact on human resources when incidents occur and the ultimate result on job security and productivity.  A well-functioning Workplace Safety program may be your best defense against business continuity disasters.  We’ve seen the role health and safety can play in preventing incidents from occurring and how it can not only protect the lives of your workforce during an incident but ensure workforce stability.  Engage your people early and often and build systems based on a culture of safety and accountability.

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