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Natural Disasters | #ECC2023 | Energy Continuity Conference

September 12, 2022 |by Kyle Chambers | 0 Comments | ECC Artciles | , , , , , , , ,

Natural Disasters & Contingency Plans

From hurricanes, to tornados, wildfires, freezes and floods, mother nature is going to battle against you and your business. The proper precautions and contingency plans can save lives and property. A good plan also makes it easier to get things up and running in the aftermath.

Drawing up a disaster contingency plan can seem overwhelming. Looking at the recent nightmare of Texas wildfires or the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey and the freeze of 2021, it may feel pointless to think about contingency planning. You may be thinking, “What can I do to stop mother nature herself?” but steps can and should be taken to prepare.

First, pinpoint what sort of disasters you are most likely to deal with, you know your business better than anyone else. Identify the risks and list them out. For instance, in a flood zone, elevating your property above normal flood levels can protect your premises from disaster.

Pre-planned methods of communication are vital for holding things together. Have contact information for everyone: employees, managers, customers, and family, even their members. Make plans for what to do if the Internet or phone service is out. Keep in mind how vulnerable paper and critical electronics are, and make sure to have plans in place for when you return to the office.

Preserving your people and assets makes it possible to reopen your doors quickly. Make plans for resuming business activity too. Can you arrange to set up at another site, work remote or from a cloud server?  Is there a way to get inventory shipped in to an alternate location? It’s much easier to work this out in advance than when the catastrophe happens.

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