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Cyber Security | #ECC2023 | Energy Continuity Conference

September 12, 2022 |by Kyle Chambers | 0 Comments | ECC Artciles | , , ,

Cyber Security

Developing an effective cyber security posture requires solid management techniques, often a robust budget, staffing, and ongoing monitoring. Cybersecurity tools and training raise employee awareness of security threats and the need for defense in depth strategies. Careful vendor vetting is another important element of a successful cybersecurity program. The most effective cybersecurity strategies invest in people, processes, and technology to prevent cyber threats. A lack of these elements can lead to an increase in costs, complexity, and staff frustration.

Malicious actors spend days hacking software and looking for vulnerabilities in systems. Cyber Security and Information Technology teams should look at the entire architecture of the computing system and identify the risks and sensitivity of data. The activities are typically concluded with a report on potential vulnerabilities. While the forensics teams are critical in protecting data, it is not enough to install a product that will protect against malware.

Encryption blackmail attacks, also known as ransomware, are a serious threat. Hackers penetrate internal networks via a worm virus and encrypt data using a password only they know. Once they have encrypted the data, the hackers contact the organization, demanding a bribe to decrypt it. Cybercriminals are now the most common form of cyberattacks, and the amount of money spent on cybersecurity is increasing at a rapid pace.

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