Workforce Instability

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Workforce Instability | #ECC2023 | Energy Continuity Conference

September 12, 2022 |by Kyle Chambers | 0 Comments | ECC Artciles | , , ,

Workforce Instability

Workforce Instability has changed dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic and the following Great Resignation showed us all how critical an issue workforce instability is.  One of the most critical aspects of improving workforce stability is increasing employee productivity, morale, and retention. All these elements contribute to employee/worker satisfaction and our ability to build and grow the teams and culture necessary to stay competitive in such turbulent times as these.  Consequently, workplace stability can help employers improve the personal stability of their employees, creating a positive feedback loop.

In addition, a business can avoid workforce instability by promoting employees from within. By doing so, it can improve brand value, increase morale, and improve productivity and profitability. For example, if you have a low-wage employee, you might want to consider a temporary employee instead of hiring a permanent employee. Employee retention can be a difficult process, but it can help improve business results. Keeping employees happy and productive is critical to the long-term success of a company.

Our team members, both current and future, are looking to find more value and meaning in their work as well to be better valued and understood.  The soft skills of management have truly never been more important, valuable, and beneficial than they are today.  Sad but true, college education and on the job training does a poor job of teaching these skills.  New ideas, new methods, new training programs like the API Skills are going to be vital for building and training the workforce of tomorrow.

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